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Individual approach to treatment

Revolutionary approach to treatment, unique methods which influence the whole body

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Besides Complete Cocaine addiction elimination, VIP treatment at Dr Vorobiev cocaine rehab includes:


263 out of 280 cocaine addicted patients that participated in this study have not expirienced relaps even 2 years after the treatment, while 17 relapsed in various periods after the treatment. This result amounts to 93.9% treatment success rate at Dr Vorobiev cocaine rehab.
Spacious and comfortable rooms, maids, driver, security guards, cook, TV and internet are at our patient's disposal.
We provide discreete treatment in the privacy of our residence. Our specialists are loyal and your medical history may be guided under a different name than the one that stands in your passport. Security service is provided 24 hours a day.

One client at a time

More than 15 highly educated specialists will work with you every day 24/7