Anti craving treatment

Elimination of cravings on a subconscious level in medically induced sleep

Psychological crisis, the so-called drug desire or drug craving is the most complex part of cocaine addiction treatment which causes many patients to relapse even after several months of abstinence if it is not treated properly.


Ibogaine is an alkaloid of an iboga plant root originated from central Africa. Ibogaine helped thousands of people to overcome drug addiction and depression, as well as to accelerate their spiritual and psychological development.

Under the influence of Ibogaine patients are able to see their disease objectively for the first time, as well to look at themselves critically from the side. Some patients have visual experiences, while others just think a lot. The session usually lasts about six hours and it is divided into three stages. Patients see their lives from the second year of life up today. After that, they pass through a series of different emotional states and feel remorse for the people that they love and hurt. They also experience fear for the disease and realize the effect of drugs.

This is followed by the third stage, where with the help of our experts, doctors and psychologists, patients find the strength to put drugs in the past, to separate the good from the bad, to realize how precious life is and to understand which are the true values that deserve fighting for. We help them to comprehend that they are still able to live like any normal person, that drugs were a mistake in their lives, a mistake that could have happened to anyone and led them to this horrible disease. After the session, patients feel different, new and reborn.


Information therapy, symbol drama and "Say no" training involve psychologists and psychiatrist in building patients defense mechanisms against cravings. Patient also learns about physical, mental and sociological consequences that cocaine causes. Patients are educated about the substance in order to create subconscious aversion to it.


Aversion therapy is a series of complex pharmacological and psychological procedures designed to create natural aversion to cocaine and disgust for cocaine abuse.