Body detoxification

Cleansing the body of all toxic substances and particles created during prolonged cocaine use

Cocaine addiction detox infusions


Neurotoxins, such as heavy metals, biotoxins, xenobiotics, excitotoxins etc. are entering the body as a result of common impurities in cocaine, careless behavior during cocaine use, or created by chemical reaction in correlation with body fluids. Neurotoxins disrupt vital functions of the nerve cells which slowly leads to nervous system degeneration and cause early symptoms such as depression, fatigue, memory loss , insomnia, and blunting of the senses. Toxin elimination agents are brought into the patient's body through infusions and medications - slowly cleansing it and stopping further destruction of a nervous system.


Plasmapheresis is one of the most recognized and effective methods for detoxification. Patient's blood is passed through special filters in Plasmapheresis machine that stops poisonous toxins, narcotics and damaged cells. Athletes use this method to recover after extensive steroid use. Plasmapheresis reduces risks of mental disorders by filtering toxins that affect nervous system and relieves liver and kidney and gives them time to recuperate.


Cocaine use (or intake of any other hazardous substance) damages blood cells and vessels which can cause embolism, sepsis, infections, thrombosis etc.

Laser blood irradiation can stop the erosion of blood vessels and by normalizing circulatory system allows proper functioning of vital organs. Infra-red laser blood irradiation reduces anxiety connected to addiction crisis and muscle spasms by improving blood flow to the brain and extremities (returning them into normal ''warm" state)


Efficient German technology of direct, intravenous intake of Oxygen is the fastest way of natural detoxification and regeneration.

Frequent cocaine intake leads to immunological, metabolical and synapses destruction (brain tissue connections). Oxyven significantly improves resistance to diseases (by strengthening the immune system), helps normalize patient's emotions and nourishment of peripheral nerves and blood vessels.


Cocaine (like amphetamines) causes the release of 2 to 10 times normal amount of dopamine in interneuron network which leads to creating over pronounced messages. Like we would turn down music that is to loud, the brain adapts by producing less dopamine which causes depression, dullness, nothing can bring joy or pleasure unless dopamine is artificially induced by cocaine. This mechanism forces the patient to take cocaine as depression cure.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation and Neuro Jet devices regulate dopamine and endorphin levels and help overcome first stages of the treatment.


Xenon gas inhalation is a contemporary medical method of neuroprotection during stressful and painful changes in the body. Unlike any other pharmacological substance used in other medical treatments with the same goal, Xenon is ecologically clean, harmless and leaves the body through lungs in 3-4 minutes.

Xenon gas inhalation is used for treating stress, depression, sleeping disorders, rehabilitation and recovery after illnesses or any other great mental and physical exhaustion (like addiction crisis).