Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

cocaine addiction symptoms

As every other addiction, being dependent on cocaine at first sets you free, solves all your problems and makes your life easier. And just like all the other addictions, at the end it leaves you lost at the very bottom of the world, on edge, with more problems than you can solve.

People look for answers with every new dose of cocaine, but are only left with more unanswered questions. Maybe even fatal questions, that nobody wants to know the answers to.

With regular use of cocaine a person quickly develops a psychological addiction. Although it always seems it would be easy to stop the intake, when the time comes, it never is. When a human organism, mind and soul gets used to the feeling of euphoria that cocaine gives, the only life mission becomes waiting and seeking the next dose. “Being high” on cocaine usually last from fifteen minutes to an hour. Is that short amount of time of happiness, that isn’t even real, worth ruining your own life? Most people would agree it’s not.

Although this stimulant has the power to create happiness and more energy, side effects may include paranoia, increased heart rate, high blood pressure with a risk of a heart attack and stroke that can cause death. Cocaine can create very dangerous problems with brain and cardiovascular system. Every year around 5,000 – 6,000 people die from cocaine and the number is increasing every year.

Cocaine addiction is a hard battle to win, especially if you’re fighting it alone. Withdrawal often causes depression, pain, anxiety and weakness, with a constant crave for drugs. Fortunately, with a professional help it’s easier to overcome these symptoms. There is a wide range of treatments and therapies, and the doctors can help every individual find the right one for them.