Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

cocaine uk

Alongside Spain, the UK is a country with the heaviest cocaine abuse in Europe.

This drug was considered a ‘high class drug’ before, but nowadays it is popular in the middle and lower classes as well. This is probably due the price decreasing dramatically over the past few years, making it almost as twice cheaper. It is estimated that one gram of cocaine cost around £100 in 2009., while only four years later the price dropped to around £50.

Statistics show that the drug is mainly used by people in the age range between 20-24, but it is noted that it is becoming more used among 45-54 year-olds as well. It is also reported that in 2013. this dangerous drug caused 234 deaths in the country. Out of all the people admitted to A&E in London in 2010. for chest pain, 23% had proven to be taking cocaine.

Cocaine abuse is getting more and more serious, and numbers show that 60% of people in the UK have used this drug at least once or twice. However, pure cocaine is very hard to find, and it is known that cocaine sold around the UK generally has only around 10% of this substance inside of it, which makes the situation even more dangerous, because the person taking it can never be sure what he or she is putting inside their own organism. Inside of a sold drug can easily be substances like Levamisole, which is banned for human use due to its high ability to cause damage of white blood cells.

The media might be partly responsible for cocaine popularity. Many celebrities have been caught taking cocaine and it time there was an image built that cocaine is reserved for those who are rich and famous, being often seen as a magical fairy dust drug that can make a good time happen. Even though that might be the case at first, all the cocaine addicts are a proof that this drug is anything but a fun, easygoing experience after a while, and taking it ‘only a few times’, as many people plan to do, usually doesn’t work.