Assessing physical condition and mental state of the patient

Cocaine vip rehab  Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the first and most important part of the treatment process. Assessing the physical condition of the patient involves taking patient's addiction history (doses, frequency, duration), medical history and tests :

• Urine test

• Blood panel analysis and biochemical blood test

• Hepatitis B, C, HIV infection test


• Internist and Drug addiction specialist examination

• Psycho diagnostics

• Additional organ-targeted diagnostics if needed (Ultra-sound, MRI, X-Ray)

Patient's mental state is determined through psychological tests used to estimate the level of dependence, the extent to which the use of cocaine has affected the mental health, whether there are signs of mental disturbance, whether depression is present, degree of motivation for rehabilitation, self-criticism and the conservation of voluntary mechanisms.

Results of all of these physical and psychological tests are examined and analyzed by our medical team in order to develop a treatment strategy and therapy plan.