What happens during the initial call ?

initial call

Our admissions counselors will discuss why you or your loved one are seeking cocaine addiction treatment.

For our dedicated admissions team to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you or your loved one, the following may be discussed:

• A brief medical background, including any physical or mental health conditions.

Travel arrangements to enter treatment

Payment options for drug rehab.

Aftercare options.

Where Will I Stay During My Treatment?


Our clients are accommodated at our private luxury residence with a total surface of 700m2 in Altina, the neighborhood in the Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun. It is a beautiful furnished and discrete clinical residence located 11 kilometers west of downtown Belgrade.

You will be under medical supervision of the addiction therapists, doctors and nurses during your stay.

A fully equipped kitchen, separate bedroom area with bathroom, rooms designated for therapy, entertainment facilities will ensure your comfort.

How Is My Privacy Ensured?


We have experience providing discrete treatment in the privacy of our residence and can manage any client’s preferences. Our professional staff is loyal and your medical history may be guided under a different name than the one that stands in your passport. Besides, stay in the private luxury residence includes the security service 24 hours a day.

How Long Does a Treatment Take?


Through consultations the doctor will assess the situation and say his opinion on a specific case. He will answer your questions and propose variants of treatment. Depending on the result of diagnostics, the therapy may last at least 1 month. Inpatient treatment implies that the client stay at the residence 24 hours a day.

Can I Work During Treatment?

wifi access

Room facilities include wireless internet access, so if your physical and psychological conditions are stable, you can work during the treatment.

In What Languages Do You Provide Treatment?


We provide translation service in following languages:






There is the possibility of providing translators in many other client’s languages.

Admission Process

cocaine rehab admission

You can write or call us to discuss your individual problem and ask any questions you may have about our methods, residence or how we can help.

You may schedule a consultation and visit us in Belgrade before making a decision about therapy.

When you decide for our treatment we can agree an admission date.

We provide waiting at the airport for you and your escort and carry out to the villa in order to be comfortably placed.

When it comes to diagnosis, your physical and mental conditions will be assessed next day, and then we define an INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT PLAN.

Treatment starts on the third day of your arrival and consists of many hours of one-to-one therapy every day. All therapists and doctors come to the residence for their sessions to help you in the healing both physical symptoms of the crisis and psychological dependence.

What is the price of the treatment?

Every patient is different. The price of the treatment depends on your addiction history, general medical health, possible behavioral disorder, ongoing medical issues, age, lifestyle. Contact us and our medical team will devise a treatment plan with corresponding price based on your specific needs.