Neurometabolic therapy

Improves brain activity in information processing, decision making and behavior control

Neurometabolic therapy consists of over 30 compounds that are designed to act together and influence disrupted brain chemistry caused by cocaine addiction.

Cocaine use disorders blood, oxygen and nutrients flow through the body. Especially harmful is disruption of this flow that leads to the brain. Artificial hyper stimulation (cocaine use) leads to neuron transmitter misbalance and disability to function without cocaine.

Cocaine creates an illusion of joy and self-control which impels him to give promises and make decisions under influence, but is unable to act upon it when effects are gone.

Chaotic emotions (or more often-lack of any), lack of motivation, insomnia, disruptive appetite, sexual dysfunction, hormonal disorder are all symptoms of chemical brain misbalance caused by cocaine.

Cognitive disorders are initial symptoms of disrupted brain chemistry. Cognitive disorders include attention disorders, focus problems, orientation problems, memory failures, slow thinking, lack of interest etc.

Neurometabolic therapy improves all of these symptoms and balances brain chemistry into its normal (pre-cocaine addiction) state.